My First '64 Impala
My First '64 Impala

My first '64 Impala was the car I grew up with. My parents bought this Meadow Green 4-door sedan at a used car lot on N. 8th St. and Pine in Abilene, Texas in December, 1966 (I was six months old). My Mom named her Nellie after Roy Rogers' Jeep.

Nellie was equipped with the standard 195-hp 283 V-8 and a Powerglide automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, four-season air conditioning, and a push-button AM radio. She was a pleasure to drive and very reliable. Over the 17 years we had her, Nellie became a member of the family, and she's in the background of many family pictures.

Unfortunately, after my Dad rebuilt the engine and bored it out, Nellie started guzzling gas like a B-52. First my Dad, then my Mom, my sister Susan, and I drove Nellie, but we all eventually bought cars that were better on gas. We all loved Nellie, but just couldn't afford to keep driving her. So reluctantly, my Dad sold her in April, 1984.

He's felt somewhat guilty about selling Nellie ever since (Susan and I both wanted to buy her). Although I couldn't buy her at the time, I vowed that I would one day have another '64 Impala. My Dad must have believed me, because he kept his shop manual for the car for 15 years and sent it out to me when I bought Betty. My Dad also serves as one of my special technical advisors. And whenever he comes to visit, I usually drive Betty to the airport to pick him up.

Who could have guessed when this picture was taken in 1967 that I would later learn to drive in this car? Me with Nellie parked in our carport at 115 Pennsylvania St., Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, 1968.

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Nellie shortly after my parents bought her in
December, 1966.
Nellie at Abilene State Park, 1970
Me and my Dad with Nellie at Abilene State Park, 1970